Department for Mineral and Recycling Technologies at the Technical Faculty in Bor was founded in 1962 and it was called the Department for Mineral Processing. Its goal was to educate Mining Engineers in mineral processing for the needs of the Mining Metallurgy Complex Bor (“RTB Bor”). After establishing another study program in 2002, Recycling Technologies and Sustainable Development, the Department changed the name into Department for Mineral and Recycling Technologies.


The Department incorporates two modules: Mineral Processing and Recycling Technologies and Sustainable Development at all three levels of academic studies: Undergraduate studies, Master’s academic studies and PhD studies.


Courses are based on the interactive principle which involves student’s active participation, classes held in classrooms and laboratories at the Technical Faculty in Bor, and professional practice where students visit institutions and companies in the field for which they are educated.


Since the establishment of the Department, 200 students have been awarded their Undergraduate Diploma, Master Academic Studies Diploma has been awarded to 16 students, and 10 PhD thesis have been defended.


Apart from the courses held at the Department, teachers and associates are engaged in a large number of national and international projects and studies. There is also a number of laboratories equipped with devices suitable for experiments in the field of mineral processing and recycling technologies.


The members of the Department have organized the International Symposium on Recycling Technologies and Sustainable Development since 2006, and from 2019 the name of the Symposium is changed into International Mineral Processing and Recycling Conference. The department also publishes Recycling and Sustainable Development journal.